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The CRM Process

The CRM Process


Cigarette and packaging reject product is fed either manually, or by a Tipper Unit, into the bulking section at the bottom of an Elevating Band Conveyor.

This elevator transports the product at a regulated rate to the Conditioning section.



At the conditioning section, the product is fed into a steam injected tube. This process ensures that the cigarettes are at an optimum moisture & temperature level, making the tobacco easy to separate from the packaging whilst minimizing potential degradation.

The conditioned product is then discharged onto a metering unit, to give a constant flow of cigarettes to the Reclaiming Section at the required throughput rate.


Reclaiming Section

The opening process has 2 stages to maximize the tobacco recovery yield. Each stage makes use of a unique pneumatic transport system to loosen and remove the tobacco filler from the cigarette papers, filters and packaging.

The product then travels over a vibratory sieve, which separates the loose tobacco from the papers, taking the reclaimed tobacco to a collection station.


Dust & Waste Collection

Any small paper pieces in the tobacco are removed by a suction nozzle.

Dust from the pneumatic systems is collected in Filter Units, whilst papers, plugs and other waste are collected in bins or processed in a Briquetting Machine.


Control Panel

The control panel has the latest touch screen (HMI) which controls and monitors the reclaiming machine’s various motors, sensors and probes.